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Oh Yoon-Seo is a popular actress. She is famous for her beautiful appearance, but her acting is bad. She gets involved in a scandal with the son from a chaebol family. Her acting career declines precipitously.

Oh Yoon-Seo hears that a famous screenwriter wants her to play the lead female role for a drama series. The character works as a secretary for a lawyer. To gain experience for the role, Oh Yoon-Seo is required to work as a lawyer’s secretary for a few months. Meanwhile, Kwon Jung-Rok is an attorney for a law firm. He is arrogant and cold-hearted. One day, his boss asks Kwon Jung-Rok to let actress Oh Yoon-Seo work as his secretary for 3 months. He is not happy about the situation, but he has to accept.


Touch Your Heart-Lee Dong-Wook.jpg Touch Your Heart-Yoo In-Na.jpg Lee Sang-Woo Touch Your Heart-Son Sung-Yoon.jpg Touch Your Heart-Oh Jung-Se.jpg
Lee Dong-Wook Yoo In-Na Lee Sang-Woo Son Sung-Yoon Oh Jung-Se
Kwon Jung-Rok Oh Yoon-Seo / Oh Jin-Sim Kim Se-Won Yoo Yeo-Reum Yeon Joon-Kyu
Touch Your Heart-Shim Hyung-Tak.jpg Park Kyung-Hye Park Ji-Hwan Touch Your Heart-Jang So-Yeon.jpg Kim Hee-Jung
Shim Hyung-Tak Park Kyung-Hye Park Ji-Hwan Jang So-Yeon Kim Hee-Jung
Choi Yoon-Hyuk Dan Moon-Hee Lee Doo-Seob Yang Eun-Ji Kim Hae-Young
Lee Joon-Hyuk Touch Your Heart-Oh Eui-Sik.jpg Touch Your Heart-Kim Chae-Eun.jpg Touch Your Heart-Jay.jpg Touch Your Heart-Yoo Yeon.jpg
Lee Joon-Hyuk Oh Eui-Sik Kim Chae-Eun Jay Yoo Yeon
Yeon Joon-Seok Kong Hyuk-Joon Lee Joo-Young Lee Kang-Joon Im Yoon-Hee
Kim Dae-Gon Touch Your Heart-Lee Se-Rang.jpg Touch Your Heart-Chang Ki Yong.jpg Touch Your Heart-Kim Ki-Moo.jpg Jo Soo-Min
Kim Dae-Gon Lee Se-Rang Jang Ki-Yong Kim Ki-Moo Jo Soo-Min
Park Su-Myeong Choi Yoon-Hyuk’s client top actor (ep.1) violent driver (ep.2) Kim Yoon-Ha (ep.3)
Lee Hyun-Kyun Touch Your Heart-Chansung.jpg Bae Sung-Il Touch Your Heart-Hwang Bo-Ra.jpg Touch Your Heart-Song Kang.jpg
Lee Hyun-Kyun Chansung Bae Sung-Il Hwang Bo-Ra Song Kang
Prosecutor Lim (ep.3) man Moon-Hee likes (ep.4) police officer (ep.4) Hwang Yeon-Doo (ep.7) motorcycle delivery man (ep.13)

Status : Complete

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