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A sequel to Vin Diesel‘s high-priced 2015 fantasy film, The Last Witch Hunter, is in the works, The Last Witch Hunter 2 and his flaming sword appears to have been put on ice for a few years.


After a flood of negative reviews and even worse word of mouth, Diesel’s $90 million films hit theatres. After a disappointing $27 million domestic box office take, it quickly vanished from the public’s awareness. That $120 million in overseas receipts wasn’t enough to have producers thinking about a sequel to Diesel’s starring role in the film.

At least, that’s what we believed. The Last Witch Hunter has developed a cult following in the years since its box office failure, and it appears that Lionsgate Pictures is considering giving Diesel a second chance to reprise his role as the legendary witch hunter Kaulder.

At least, that’s what Diesel himself said in a recent interview with Collider when he hinted at The Last Witch Hunter 2’s future ambitions

Finally The Last Witch Hunter 2 is here for you to enjoy.

Download the movie below.

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